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Lorena Cudris-Torres

Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina - Sede Valledupar (Colombia)
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Dr. Lorena Cudris-Torres, Senior Researcher and peer reviewer of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia, her studies have contributed to the achievement of SDG 3 "health and well-being", where her research focus is psychological well-being and quality of life, especially in relation to academic environments and performance of university students. In doctoral, master's and bachelor's studies, she has received honorable mentions and awards for excellence. He has received numerous international and national recognitions for his contribution and academic contribution, promoting human, scientific and technological development for the benefit of the university community and the science of Psychology. He participates in the development of transnational projects such as: "Yo Puedo Sentirme Bien" (I Can Feel Good) through which detection and treatment of anxious and depressive symptomatology common among university students in Latin America is carried out via internet and "qualitative experiences on the paths to mental health care"

Áreas de investigación

Área general Subáreas (Áreas específicas)
Salud mental y atención psico-social
  • Violencia sexual
  • Salud mental
  • Trauma
  • Atención y acompañamiento psicosocial
  • Violencia basada en género
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